Emotionless World-Jiyoon& Elias

Once upon a time in a land closer to us than you might believe, a hero was about to be born. Her name was Hero, though there was nothing exceptional about her – yet. On a winter morning, something about her had changed. She was looking outside the window and wishing she could be somewhere else, in a magical world far far away. Little did she know that her wish was about to come true.
She closed her eyes and imagined a world completely different from the place she felt stuck in. As she opened her eyes, she was no longer in her room. (1. ABSENTATION) She felt a warm breeze caressing her face. Everywhere she looked she saw sand. On the ground there were footprints leading over a dune. She decided to follow them.
As she walked up the dyne, a skyline of buildings drew across the sky. She was mesmerised by the beauty of the fairytale world.
In the city people seemed to be in a hurry. For a fairytale world, Hero thought the place seemed to lack any sense of happiness – or any emotion.
  • Hero’s appearance differs from the people in the fairytale world, so the guard take her to the dictator
  • The dictator tells the hero to go back where she came from. She tries to imagine her room, but she is unable to travel back. She is stuck in the fairytale world. The dictator tells Hero to not go to the mountain. (on top of the mountain there is a magical object that steals the people’s emotions) (2.INTERDICTION)
  • Struggle to get to the mountain
  • On top of the mountain there is a big battle in which she destroys the object. When she destroys the object a rift opens between the abyss and the fairytale world. She pushes the dictator in it just before the rift closes.
  • She goes back to the city that has changed. The people reward her for her courage and asjfbalijsfhnakf. The people make her the necklace.
  • She travels back home.
  • Her to complete whatever her task is, she is able to travel back with a necklace that the fairytale people made her, with what she is able to travel back and forth between the fairytale world and the normal world. (reward)



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