Review : Southern light stations


Southern light station is a new body of work by noemie Goudal(b.1984, France). It is on the photographer’s gallery. When I visit this gallery, there was quiet atmosphere and in the middle has a round hall which also has several pieces of her work. Almost of works were about sky. One of her work which is named ‘Station V’ and that was the most impressive work. It is a picture by using smoke and flashlight. Due to the contrast of the colour for example black and white it makes me be more concentrated. Also that artwork was really quiet and calm, but also on the other hand, has something intensive feeling.  According to Noémie Goudal, picture was taken at night and she wants to make them to be alive.

This exhibition is consists of entirely new and previously unseen works. it makes Noémie Goudal’s interest in manmade interventions into the natural world, through photographs which portray complex and ambiguous constructions created by the artist within the landscape.To start making her work, she was reading a lot of theories of how the sky was perceived.  It builds on her practice of creating ambiguous geometric constructions placed within a landscape and explores the artist’s enduring interest in our historical, scientific and symbolic relationship with the skies.

Through photographs, stereoscopes and architectural installations, the exhibition aims to explore the intangible nature of celestial space – long considered a mirror of terrestrial turmoil as well as an expression of the sacred. By using other object which or like a magnifier glass or paper, the sky can be more stand out than when it is present just itself. To sum up, this exhibition’s mood was generally calm. However in the clam mood, the pictures were intense. This mood was reached to audience who see this art pieces. And it was great experience to explore about the sky in the other way.


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