If something has the visual characteristics of cubism, does that make it a cubist work? In other words, how do we make sense of ‘isms’- as historically situated events and developments or as apporaches/stylistic charateristics?

-In my opinion, to consider an art work or design as cubism, there are two requirements to meet; visual characteristic and corresponding interpretation and idea of cubism.

For example, if somthing has the visual characteristics of cubism, it can be thought as ‘cubism’ however it depends on the idea or concept. Cubism is a kind of Realism. It is a conceptual apporache to realism in art, which aim to depict the world as it is and not as it seems. This was the ‘idea’. So I think even a visual thing has a style of cubism, that can not supposed to be Cubism. If that has not the concept of Cubism.